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In this 3D Hack and Slash, you will play as Naamu, a young girl who's going to risk it all to save her home forest from the Corruption, a dark and destructive matter that is taking consuming nature as it spreads across the world.

On its last breath, the dying forest gave Naamu its Essence to save her life, a source of power that represents both the Naamu’s health and the energy she uses to carry out her attacks.

Balance the Essence, combine your attacks, fight corrupted enemies and purify them to save their lives.

Design : 

  • Álvaro Domínguez Nuñez
  • Daniel Rodríguez Pirela
  • Jairo Campaña Cañete
  • José Antonio Sánchez Kornfeld
  • Marina Gutiérrez Casas

Art : 

  • Adriana Méndez Aguirre
  • Claudia Batanero Mata
  • Luis Herrera López-Guerrero
  • Miguel Vázquez Pérez
  • Néstor David Camacho Caro
  • Rebeca Ortiz-Villajos Barcia
  • Yeray Muriel Jiménez

Code : 

  • Asier Tamayo San Isidoro
  • Imanol Gómez Martínez
  • Jose María Ortiz García
  • Kevin Andrés Veléz Serrano
  • Miguel Andújar Navarro
  • Tai Nuño Múgica

Original Soundtrack: 

  • Juan Rodríguez Pirela


Naamu: The Lost Essence - Demo v1.1


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Wow, está increíble

Tiene una buena jugabilidad y bastante enganchante. Felicidades. hicieron un gran juego.

Gracias por vuestro gran trabajo! Me encanta, visualmente es una maravilla, he aprovechado para hacer algunas tomas y las he compartido por TW, gracias de nuevo!


Excellent game, good landscapes, I really liked the theme 

For sure ★★★★★


I am absolutely delighted by the game. I was amazed by the beautiful landscapes presented throughout it. I had a lot of fun overcoming the different challenges and loved that it was compatible with a controller. 
would definitely love to play the full game.


I made 2 screenshots :P - Nice job devs


Thank you! Really glad to see you are enjoying the game, have you made it to the end yet? I've heard there's something big waiting in the woods...


Nope not yet :P but yeah i'm enjoying it, good job :D


Thats a really cool screenshot! I can see you didn't waste any time to take it, your weapon is still charged up 


Yeah i love making screenshots, thank you :P

(1 edit) (+3)

Terrifically delighted to see this in here <3